ABIS Sports Field Fundraising

Day 2 of Distance Learning: Keep going. Keep growing.

Dear Diary...

Looks like a great day of our distance learning at ABIS. We are connecting to each other, scheduling, explaining, brainstorming, doing homework and dancing. So yes, its all about good vibes!

We asked our parents to share with us their stories from home

...and we got thumbs up moments :)

Some other friends are joining our online sessions

Dear ABIS community,

As we asked you on our social media channels, we would love to see more moments of you during this distance learning. Share them with us on our instagram

Handling classes like a pro!

Share more moments with us

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ABIS Sports Field Fundraising

Join our initiative and help ABIS to provide our students with a safe outside area. We would greatly appreciate any contribution. Together we can do this.