Welcome to our ABIS shop area

Here you can find all school uniform & spiritwear related topics.

School uniform items are mandatory to each student. Designs might be added as you proceed to higher grades giving you more freedom to express yourself. Please check in with ABIS staff prior to each term about any news or updates.

Spiritwear items are fun additional clothing styles & gadgets to show your support towards the school.

Our basic school uniform partner is a company in the UK that sells very good value for money uniform basics in case you want to matchthem to your mandatory school uniform items.We are not affiliated with them , it is just provided to you as an informative service.

The mandatory uniform section:

This is the place for you to order or re-order any kind of mandatory schoolwear required. Please check our update of school uniform requirements before the beginning of each term.

The ABIS spiritwear section:

This is the place for fun apparel & accesory items with our brandnew ABIS logo & school colors. It is meant for all students, staff, families, friends & fans of our school in order to express ther school spirit & support.

Basic school uniform partner:

This is a link to an UK based supplier of basic school uniform wear.

You can find such things as basic navy skirts, pants, polo shirts, sweaters & vests, tights, knee socks or gym clothes. They are very good value for money and the perfect way should you wish to complete your mandatory school wear with both functional &classic basics.