PYP1-5 After School Care

ASC (After School Care)

The After School Care Program at Anton Bruckner International School is designed to meet the needs of working parents. It provides students a dependable daily service in a warm and caring environment.


Mondays to Thursdays:

2:00              –   check-in time

2:00 – 3:00  –  homework time

3:00 – 3:30  –  snack time

3:30 – 5:30  –  play time or relaxing (outside or in gym)

5:30              –  check-out time   


2:00               –  check-in time

2:00 – 4:00   –  homework time/play time or relaxing (outside or in gym)

4:00               – check-out time

In case of “early release” the After School Care starts at 12:30 am, right after lunch time.

Registration and Costs

If you want to register your child to our ASC please download the registration form here and send it to school with your child. 

ASC and Early Release

Once in a while your child will have an early release day due to a school conference. Therefore we have established a charge scale especially for parents, whose children are usually not registered to the ASC.

  • If we have to give an early release on a very short notice (such as the teacher is sick and lessons are canceled)- no charges until 14:00 – thereafter 8 Euro/hour
  • If we have an early release that is noticed beforehand either via parent book, email or stated on the calendar – 4 Euro/hour until 14:00 – thereafter 8 Euro/hour
  • If you cannot be on time and your child is picked up late, she/he will be sent to the ASC – 8 Euro/hour


Supervision and guidance is given to children with homework assignment. Quiet time is devoted to such work right at the beginning of the programme. Please be advised that homework guidance will not include the daily reading homework with your child.

Physical Activities

Children enjoy games and sports activities on the sports field or the gym.


In the assigned CARE rooms, all sorts of toys, games, books are on hand to offer variety of possibilities for play, providing opportunities to interact with other children or simply to have a relaxed and creative time on one’s own. Snack time is a moment for a friendly chat. Occasionally, the children are brought together for story-telling or games.

Arts & Crafts

Care teachers propose all sorts of projects. But children are not pressured into participating if they prefer to indulge in some other activities. Projects include painting, collage, bead-work, clay-modeling, craft-kits etc.

Special Events

From time to time, we do something special, like an afternoon of cooking, a movie on a rainy day. We might even go on a field trip, which is a wonderful possibility for your child to relax outside of school!

We also like to celebrate special occasions in all sorts of ways. We also love having parties to which parents are heartily invited to come if they can!

You will receive a notification about the special event some weeks ahead. In case of an activity outside of the school, please be advised that:

  • We will return at approximately 17:00 – no earlier pick-ups possible.
  • Your child cannot attend her/his booked After School Activity.
  • Homework will not be done on this special day.

For an efficient communication between the caretakers and you, you are advised to communicate via SchoolUpdate.