What happens after 10th grade?

Diploma Program / What happens after 10th grade?

After 10th grade/MYP 5, students have the possibility to apply at Linz International School Auhof (LISA) to complete the IB Diploma Programme (DP).

Please contact Ms Nicole Herzog ( for information on the admissions procedure and Mr. Oliver Kim ( for IB-Diploma related information.

Parents and students of ABIS will be informed in time by the MYP and IB DP coordinators on further steps and on possible IB Diploma subject choices.

What is IB DP?

IB DP is the IB Diploma Programme for years 11-12. The DP is an intense course of studies in 3 higher and 3 subsidiary subjects that leads to an examination with the award of the IB Diploma. This Diploma is internationally recognized and will allow your child to attend universities all over the world (including Austrian Universities).

For more information on the IB DP please contact the IB Coordinator Oliver Kim at LISA Auhof:  

Click here to reach the IB information page at LISA.