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Life in the heart of Europe

“Linz an der Donau” is the capital of Upper Austria, and the third largest city of Austria. Located on the banks of the Danube river between Vienna and Salzburg, Linz is a pearl of a city with its breathtakingly beautiful countryside, emerging technology, vibrant music and arts scene. Linz offers a high quality of life, rich in diversity, right in the heart of Europe.

Linz is an international city

Linz was the European Capital of Culture in 2009, and the UNESCO city of media arts since 2014. As part of the creative cities network, Linz develops international cooperation with other cities with regards to creative economy and tourism, thereby attracting increasing international attention.

Located in a dynamic economic region, Linz is Austria’s powerhouse of industry, with leading exports and thriving startups. At the same time, Linz has high ecological standards, being one of Austria’s most environmentally friendly communities with 60% of green spaces making up the city. 

Linz is a city of the future
Linz is a cultural center

Linz is a burgeoning center of contemporary culture, the arts and international media. With its world-class museums such as the Lentos and Ars Electronica Center, as well as Europe’s most modern opera house, the Musiktheater with its internationally renowned Bruckner orchestra, Linz has firmly planted itself in the international scene of arts and music.

Did you know that Philip Glass premiered two of his operas in Linz, Mozart wrote his Linz Symphony no 36 here, and Beethoven his eighth? Not far away in the baroque monastery of St.Florian, the composer Anton Bruckner lived and worked. It is after him that our school has been named. 


Linz is a city of music
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